About The Artist

Equal parts metal show, dance party, and LAN party.

Dillon Beck is an artist, muralist, and designer from Columbus, OH. Since childhood, Dillon has been obsessed with all things digital - from his first Nintendo Gameboy and Mac Classic (👴🏻) to his current day interest in computer graphics and digital manipulation. Growing up in a household of designers and witnessing the industry transition from analog to digital has inspired him to retrace those steps, bringing a digital aesthetic to multiple analog mediums such as canvas, wood panels, large scale murals and more.

He makes sharp edged paintings with a big digital influence and a lot of forced perspective. He uses aerosol, acrylic, airbrush, and other things that don't start with the letter "a" like x-acto blades and tape.

  • Exhibitions

    ☻ This Could Be The Last Time (2021), The Vanderelli Room
    ☺︎ ZODIAC Group Show (2021), Blockfort
    ☻ Inside Looking Out (2021), Skylab Gallery
    ☺︎ WHAT Music and Arts Festival (2021), Steelton Yards
    ☻ Organized Escape (2019-2020), Blockfort
    ☺︎ WHAT Music and Arts Festival (2019), 400 W Rich
    ☻ We Are All Animals (2019), Blockfort

  • Murals

    ✧ This Could Be The Last Time (Wall Mural, 2021), The Vanderelli Room
    ✦ "Steady" (Street Mural, 2021), Sullivant Brighter Days Columbus
    ✧ "Wav Pool II" (Multi-Panel Installation, 2021), Midway on High
    ✦ "Wav Pool" (Multi-Story Mural, 2020), Midway on High
    ✧ "Falling In" (Wall Mural, 2020), 934 Gallery
    ✦ "Blocked Out" (Wall Mural, 2020), Blockfort
    ✧ "Reality, Reconstituted" (Wall Mural, 2019), Otherworld Ohio