About The Artist

DILLON BECK is a contemporary artist, muralist, and designer based out of Columbus, Ohio. His work has always found its footing somewhere in the realm between analog and digital; between the real and the impossible. With a keen eye for detail and a vibrant imagination, Dillon creates mixed-media works that transport viewers to ethereal worlds - a place you’ve never been that somehow feels oddly familiar.

He utilizes a variety of media to create his work, focusing on the duality between modern and traditional mediums. The process begins with detailed measurements and renderings, meticulously taping and spraying each layer. Dillon places significant importance on the use of artist-grade spray paint, harnessing its intense pigmentation, ability to create hyper-smooth gradients, and its capacity to take on the texture of the surface beneath it.

His artistic pieces regularly explore the concepts of space and time, incorporating elements like stairs, passages, and doorways. The intention behind his artwork is to allow viewers to feel as though they can enter his paintings and explore the worlds within. Typically, figures are avoided to keep the worlds he creates mysterious and steeped in fantasy. However, you may find an occasional figure or silhouette present - the suggestion of figures was employed to create scale and make the worlds more accessible, as opposed to the deliberate lack of figures to evoke a sense of vastness and chaos.

★ GCAC x Columbus Museum of Art Visual Arts Fellow (2023)
☆ Ohio Arts Council (OAC) Individual Excellence Awardee (2023)

  • Exhibitions

    ☻ Walled Gardens (2023), 934 Gallery
    ☺︎ 78th Annual Juried Exhibition (2023), Mansfield Art Center
    ☻ Head Spaces (2023), ROY G BIV Gallery
    ☺︎ NOSTALGIA Group Show (2022), Blockfort
    ☻ This Could Be The Last Time (2021), The Vanderelli Room
    ☺︎ ZODIAC Group Show (2021), Blockfort
    ☻ Inside Looking Out (2021), Skylab Gallery
    ☺︎ WHAT Music and Arts Festival (2021), Steelton Yards
    ☻ Organized Escape (2019-2020), Blockfort

  • Selected Murals

    ✧ "Altitude" (2,400ft² mural, 2023), Seventh Son Brewing
    ✦ "Multidirectional" (120ft² mural, 2023), The Fort
    ✧ "Somewhere Else" (Multi panel installation), Downtown Columbus
    ✦ "The Climb" (280ft² mural, 2023), Alley Islands Mural Festival
    ✧ "Excavation" (1,150ft² immersive installation room, 2023), Otherworld
    ✦ "Portals of Purrfection" (700ft² mural, 2022), Alley Islands Mural Festival
    ✧ "This Could Be The Last Time" (300ft² mural, 2021), The Vanderelli Room
    ✦ "Wav Pool" (1,050ft² mural), Midway on High
    ✧ "Falling In" (Wall Mural, 2020), 934 Gallery