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Shared Memories

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Arcade Machine, 19x40x17", 2022.

I grew up playing video games - no, LIVING them. I wore Nintendo shirts in more than one of my elementary school student photos. I fondly remember cruising the aisles at Toys’R’Us to see what game covers piqued my interest, and had stacks of issues of Nintendo Power, GamePro, and EGM lying around. My first system was an original Game Boy - the “black” and “white” version (I say black and white very loosely; more like light and dark green). My dad worked out of state a lot growing up, and I have many fond memories of linking my system with my mom’s on long flights to (loudly) play Tetris against her. She’s still the only person I’ve ever met that can get to the final screen on that game.

Video games have an inherent ability to connect people across multiple generations. What started as an exploration of new technology by small teams or individual enthusiasts has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. They are omnipresent in our world. Games aren’t just nostalgic for me; they will end up being nostalgic for many people not even born yet! I love that about video games, or games in general - they tend to break down our barriers, obscure our differences, and give us the ability to live in another world; if only for a brief moment. Happy gaming!

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: Yes, I built and painted this cabinet. I also created the splash screens and the graphics for the menus. No, I did not code and create each game individually. Many were made before I was even born (okay, maybe not MANY, but some). All games on the system are copyrighted property of their respective companies and creators. This machine is built on a RaspberryPi system using RetroPie and Emulation Station. I love talking, so please let me know if you have any questions about the build - I’m happy to answer! Thank you for your interest. I’m genuinely surprised you’re still reading this - love u ♥

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